How To Become A CBD Seller

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Why You Should Become A CBD Seller

Wondering whether to become a CBD seller?

As you may have already seen or heard, the CBD business is booming.

In fact, the CBD market has become one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States. Driven by consumers’ increasing demand, the expanding trend of CBD products is all the rage right now.

CBD takes many forms, from oils, drops or tinctures, to beverages, cosmetics, and even pet products.

And make no mistake. The hype is real!

Unlike medical marijuana, CBD oil products support inner peace and mental clarity, boost energy levels, soothe muscle tension, and improve sleep.

...all without the psychoactive effects.

While more and more people are turning towards natural products and dietary supplements as part of a healthier lifestyle, we’re confident that the exploding popularity of CBD is here to stay.

CBD is a hot commodity these days and is incredibly attractive for those looking to establish themselves in business, or those who want to diversify the products they sell. But as in the case of most emerging industries, there are certain things to know if you want to learn how to sell CBD properly, and most importantly, legally.

Note: we are not attorneys, we advise you to consult with an attorney. This article represents our journey into the CBD business.

We wrote this article to help you understand all the ins and outs of becoming a CBD seller, what to expect as a business owner, and how you can prepare.

Do You Need A License To Become A CBD Seller?

Amongst the many questions most of those wishing to become CBD merchants have, “Do you need a license to sell CBD?” and “Can you sell CBD online?” are the most common.

Let’s discuss them one by one.

If you’re planning to become a CBD seller and base your business in the U.S., the only license you need is a business license. Other than that, a resale license will also be needed if you plan to purchase your products from a CBD distributor.

CBD has gone a long way in attaining its legalization rights. As of 2018, according to the Farm Bill which legalized hemp production across the U.S, you don’t need a license to sell CBD products as long as they contain less than 0.3% THC.

But this doesn’t mean you should not proceed with caution. The first step in becoming a CBD seller and starting your business is to choose a reputable CBD supplier. Look for wholesale businesses you can trust with everything, from hemp plant sourcing and manufacturing, to third lab testing and THC percent concentrations.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there are two types of CBD: marijuana produced and industrial hemp produced. Not all U.S. states allow the selling of marijuana produced CBD because of the higher levels of THC.

That’s why it’s safer for you to stick to products that are hemp sourced only, so to avoid trespassing any state’s laws and local jurisdictions. And if you want to sell internationally, just make sure you are up to date with each country’s CBD legalization laws.

Can You Sell CBD Oil Online?

Online shopping is growing so fast that the global market size is forecasted to reach 4 trillion in 2020. If you want to become a CBD seller and take part in the global movement, selling CBD products online is probably one of the easiest and most profitable ways to start your business.

With more consumers trying CBD than ever before, an online store can reach potential customers from all over the corners of the country, or the world. There’s so much opportunity out there to sell online compared to being a brick and mortar store owner.

woman wondering whether she can become a CBD seller

However, being online doesn’t guarantee anyone’s success. Although the CBD industry is incredibly promising, other factors can also play an important role.

Just like with any other online business, becoming a successful CBD seller will also be influenced by your marketing and selling skills, and most importantly, by your products’ quality

Should You Become A CBD Seller For The Profit?

Making profit is at the core of any business, big or small. It’s the only way a business owner can survive, grow and expand.

But financial success doesn't happen overnight!

As with most industries, don’t expect to make money as soon as you become a CBD seller. Even if the internet is full of stories about online retailers and enterprises instantly making tons of money, the reality is that things are more difficult than they seem.

Creating, growing and getting your business to be profitable usually takes a lot of effort and time, sometimes even years. That is, of course, if your business manages to survive that long.

The key to succeed in any business, other than putting in a lot of effort, is to be passionate about what you do. And this applies to selling CBD products too.

Try and learn all there is about the CBD retail market, discover all the amazing health benefits of using this naturally occurring compound found in the cannabis plant, and little by little, you will find yourself fascinated.

Your belief and admiration for the products you’re selling will reflect on everything, from how you promote them to how you sell them.

Become The Best CBD Seller By Partnering With The Right Distributor

No matter if you’re looking to find out if you can sell CBD-oil online or you would like to open a physical shop to sell your products, partnering with a reputable CBD wholesaler is essential.

Not all CBD products are created equal just like not all wholesale CBD companies are reputable.

When you’re trying to figure out how to become a CBD seller, there are some important factors to look for before deciding which distributor to partner with.

how to become a CBD seller

Choosing a high quality product is a must! There’s no way around this.

With so many offers and so many producers on the market there’s also a lot of junk to look out for. Decide between a full or broad CBD spectrum brand, and make sure to learn everything about their extraction, formulation and independent lab testing.

Another thing to consider is whether the company you are planning to partner up with, is in line with your values, standards and target audience. Branding mistakes from your distributor’s part will reflect on your business’s name and image too.

Last but not least, client service can make or break any distribution partnership. If your orders are routinely late, their product storage is disorganized or there’s no one to answer or return incoming calls, it’s better to take your business somewhere else.

How To Choose Your Products Once You Become A CBD Seller

If you're wondering what CBD oil products you can sell online, the good news is that cannabinoid based products have become incredibly diverse.

You can now find CBD infused in drinks, edibles, vaping products or cosmetics. Even our furry friends have their share of specially designated CBD goodness.

But which ones to choose if you want to become a successful CBD seller?

Our suggestion is that the best choice would be to have a product line comprising a diverse array of CBD products. Like that, you will be able to cater to a larger variety of clients and needs, and you’ll have more opportunities to generate revenue.

We understand that the sheer variety of CBD products could be overwhelming for someone who takes their first steps in the CBD world, that’s why we would like to walk you through some of the main products out there.

CBD OilOne of the most known, and versatile ways of taking CBD is in the form of oil. Administered under the tongue, CBD finds its way in the bloodstream quickly, making oil a fast and efficient product.

CBD Gummies - CBD infused gummies are as their name suggests, are made to be eaten. These products are preferred by those who either don’t like the taste of oil or by those who are always on the run. Easy to store and carry around, CBD gummies and other edibles are not only convenient to use but can also be a delicious treat.

CBD Topicals - Found to be extremely effective in soothing aches from tired muscles and joints, CBD topicals consist of products that are applied directly on the skin.

CBD CosmeticsCannabidiol has been recognized as doing wonders for the body, and is amazing for the skin too. It’s been said to help improve skin texture and overall glow, and can rejuvenate and replenish dry skin.

CBD Pet Products - Is CBD good for our animals too? It sure seems so! There are many CBD products available on the market which are specially designated for our furry friends. You can find them in the form of oils, chewies, junkies, treats, etc.

We hope that you found this article on how to become a CBD seller not only entertaining but also educational. Get in touch with our wholesale team today if you’d like to learn more! We have a team of CBD experts that will ensure the success of your business if you choose to partner with us. We have low minimums, a dedicated account specialist, and a free welcome package.

We are here to answer any questions you might have and to help you discover our high-quality line of CBD products.

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