Who we are. What we stand for.

We’re committed to delivering the best American made and manufactured CBD.


Humble Beginnings,

Endless Possibilities

Since its inception, the company has integrated the expertise of people involved in every step of manufacturing CBD products: hemp farmers, manufacturers, scientists, doctors, third-party testing labs, and like-minded professionals. They knew this was the beginning of something truly special. Something that would create the change the founders and their families wanted to see in the industry.

Opulent Organics started with the vision of bringing the science of CBD to the forefront of a widely unregulated industry. This dream became a reality when co-founders Alex, and Dr. Mirta dedicated themselves to creating a CBD brand of substance. They endeavored to create something measured by more than revenue. Opulent Organics was born to enrich lives and CREATE the gold standard for how to buy CBD.

Today, Opulent Organics is a place to transparently share knowledge and research, collaborate with an open mind, all while bringing the science of CBD to the forefront of the industry and the world. We are able to do this because we are comprised of tenacious change-makers in the relentless pursuit of helping all people live a better life. We are wellness warriors, science buffs, truth seekers, innovators, quality controllers, and nature enthusiasts who believe that all people should have the same access to the power of holistic care. We’re 100% committed to bringing all people better, cleaner, more natural ways to buy CBD and to enrich their mind, body, and soul.

Our values are rooted in the curious, driven, unyielding dreams of the co-founders and their families. The entirety of why Opulent Organics exists is to help all people live an enriched life filled with positive experiences. Passionately and purposefully, we are based in science, inspired by nature, and strive to holistically serve all of humanity. We’re committed to industry-defining integrity, the highest standards, humility, transparency, collaboration, and trust whenever you buy CBD products from us.

We are passionate about innovation and committed to continually raising the bar — and being painstakingly well-informed as we do it. We are constantly devising and developing new products to help people feel better about all aspects of their life. We never rest – instead we thrive on creating big, meaningful, and wildly impactful solutions for all people.

An idea that started with the simple awareness that we COULD and MUST do better has sprouted and flourished into a family CBD business with endless possibilities. This is who we are and why we exist.




(0.0%) CBD

Committed to providing the purest CBD oil capsules and products on the market, we test for quality every step of the way.

Our hemp is grown under the sun using all-natural methods/natural practices and tested time and time again for purity.

Every batch of hemp extract undergoes a purification process, and we have it tested again by an independent lab to confirm 0.0%.

Some say we test too much. We say, to be the best place to buy CBD, you have to set the bar higher.



High Standards

At Opulent, we’re unabashed perfectionists. We obsess over quality at every step of production, and we meticulously scrutinize each ingredient. Our obsessive tendencies are much-needed in the CBD industry.

When the founders of Opulent Organics did competitive research in the CBD industry, they found many products with questionable quality and additives that didn’t belong. They knew they could and must do better than what was currently being offered in the CBD market.

Now, Opulent is proud to be fanatical about getting it just right—every little detail. This is how we show our customers we really care, and this is how we show the world how life-changing CBD can be.