4 Benefits of Using CBD For Your Fitness Routine

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Benefits Of CBD For Fitness

The cannabis plant contains a variety of potentially beneficial compounds, with more than 100 cannabinoids and a variety of terpenes.

...don’t worry this article isn’t full of jargon, but we have to cover a few of the basics to give you a good picture of how the compounds naturally work with your body.

Out of these compounds, cannabidiol (CBD) is gaining mass popularity.

Be it for skincare or used in edibles, CBD can be found in a variety of products.

CBD has attracted enormous attention from medical professionals to athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

And why wouldn’t it?

There are a whole range of health benefits the use of CBD promises to show.

According to both anecdotal evidence and scientific studies, these benefits range from helping extreme body discomfort and reduced workout-related inflammation to getting a good night’s sleep and a stronger immune system.

And all that with no psychoactive properties.

This means it will not get you high.

Unlike smoking cannabis, vapors from its derivative CBD will not make you anxious, rather it may ease your occasional anxiety.

That’s why, according to consumer reports, an increasing number of people across various fields are embracing CBD for its therapeutic effects.

Apart from getting legalization at the federal level, it also has the green light from the World Anti-Doping Agency to be used by professional athletes.

Here are some of the benefits of CBD for fitness enthusiasts and athletes that should be taken into consideration.

1. Muscle Relaxation

The benefits of CBD for your fitness and bodybuilding routines are impressive in regard to muscle relaxation.

There are many forms of exercise that primarily target your muscles. These exercises cause microscopic damage to muscle fibres, which after recovery, can lead into a stronger physique.

This process can take a heavy toll on your body, causing muscle soreness and inflammation.

Fitness enthusiasts are accustomed to exercise-related inflammation, as it is only temporary. However, prolonged inflammation can sometimes take a heavy blow on vital organs.

But here’s why CBD and fitness go so well together, especially for your workout recovery routine.

Managing everyday workout-related inflammation with CBD can be a great choice as it is a natural way to beat inflammation and help muscle recovery.

It can also help reduce discomfort so that you will need less rest days and recovery time before getting back to your intense workout full-throttle.

You can use CBD related products for good results, both as a topical application on the affected areas and to consume internally.


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2. Muscle Recovery

The benefits of CBD for fitness are reflected in this chemical compound’s ability to improve muscle recovery too.

Sleeping is very important as your body and brain work hard not only while you are at the gym, but while you are resting too. A good night’s sleep helps both your body and brain relax, and reduces cortisol levels.

And if you didn’t know this yet, most of your muscle repairing and rebuilding happens while you sleep.

But despite a tiring workout session, it is sometimes difficult to catch sleep. This may happen due to overexertion or maybe due to lower glucose levels after an intense workout session.

By impacting the body’s endocannabinoid system, CBD can help you sleep better by minimizing stress in your system and reducing dreams during REM cycles, thus inducing a restful recovery.

With better sleep, you can wake up fresher and more energetic, ready to battle all the challenges of a new day.


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Compared to pharmaceutical drug administration, CBD is associated with reduced daytime lethargy and grogginess, which in turn can help you sustain better exercise performance and energy at the gym.

3. Helps You Eat Better

How do you feel after having your limits pushed during an intensive session at the gym?

It feels great, but it also gets our brain delirious. Reduced insulin levels and poor hydration can sometimes leave us feeling nauseous.

CBD can help with that by easing any bloatedness in your digestive system, helping you eat better as well.

4. Better Mind-Muscle Connection

Another great thing about CBD oil is that it can positively affect homeostasis by combining with the cannabinoid receptors in our body.

It can also change the chemical activity of the endocannabinoid system by combining with the receptors in the nervous system and soothes an overactive brain. This calming effect of CBD on the brain, may bring focus and mindfulness.

CBD can be consumed to enhance the mind-muscle connection, allowing you to train with more precision.

CBD and Fitness — The Bottom Line

Although the potential benefits of using CBD still requires more human tests and trials, with its ability to help you eat better, relax, and remove tension from your muscles, CBD covers pretty much all basic aspects of your training routine.

Regarding CBD use and fitness, some people prefer to use it for their post-workout meal, while others take it before a session to increase focus.

Regardless of its application, when you start taking CBD, it’s always better to begin with a minimum dosage and work your way up.

Even high profile champions like the UFC star Nate Diaz praises the benefits of CBD for his fitness routine. He claims that CBD helps him recover better.

So if you’re thinking about levelling up your fitness routine, give CBD a shot. There are plenty of high quality CBD products available on the market that you can get your hands on. Let us know in the comments below if you’ve noticed any improvement.

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