CBD Marketing 101: Start Making Sales

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How Do You Market A CBD Business?

Ready to create your CBD marketing strategy?

You couldn’t have chosen a better time! According to Consumer Reports, the health and wellness industry is having an AHA-moment when it comes to CBD-oil.

The numbers are impressive. 26% of Americans have tried CBD at least once in the past two years, meaning a whopping 64 million people!

With millions of customers out there and a product that has already managed to grasp worldwide attention, one might think that CBD advertising is a breeze. But although the recent passing of the Farm Bill makes hemp-derived CBD legal at the Federal Level, there are still many grey areas you need to consider when selling your products.

Today, with the evolution of search algorithms and social media platforms, a huge part of advertising is occupied by digital marketing. And naturally, as an entrepreneur, you might think one of the best ways to market your CBD brand is to be found organically, through search engine result pages.

But here’s the catch with advertising CBD online!

Although industrial hemp-derived CBD products are legal to sell throughout the USA, this doesn’t mean you can also advertise them online.

So for those wondering whether you can advertise CBD on Google, the answer is a sad no.

But without paid Google ads, no Facebook, and no Instagram campaigns, how do you sell CBD oil?

The good news is that there are still many effective ways of advertising CBD that you can include in your marketing efforts. Read through our article to find out more about each one!

The Importance Of Branding In CBD Advertising

Because of the high demand, more and more CBD brands are hitting the shelves.

With so much competition, any cannabidiol company wishing to gain customer attention and differentiate itself on the market should include well thought out branding into its CBD marketing plan.

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But keep in mind, branding a CBD company is different from what you would normally do for a clothing or candy shop.

And why is that?

Because other than choosing your business cards, logos, or packaging design, you also need to make sure you respect certain CBD industry regulations and ethics.

As for cohesive branding, you need to dig deep into who you are, what you stand for, and what makes you stand out. More importantly, how you’re going to communicate those things to your customers while keeping in mind that the law doesn’t yet allow you to make claims about CBD’s health benefits, or untested assumptions.

What Do CBD Brands Stand For?

Not all CBD brands are the same, but to give you our example, Opulent Organics stands forhelping all people live an enriched life, filled with positive experiences. Passionately and purposefully, we are based in science, inspired by nature, and strive to holistically serve all of humanity.”

What does your CBD brand stand for? Make sure to get really clear on this before you start marketing.

Website Design, Content Marketing, And SEO

Every brand needs a good website, including CBD brands.

An important part of your CBD marketing strategy should focus on having a well-designed e-commerce website, and being compliant with FDA guidelines.

Your CBD website needs to be appealing. But it also needs to maximize conversion rates and sales while also respecting the law. You can do this through building interesting, well-researched content, and by optimizing your site’s On-Page and Off-Page SEO. Especially since Google and Facebook ads are a no-go.

By optimizing for SEO, it will make it easier for new customers to reach your landing page when searching for CBD products online. And if your site’s content or blog will prove of value to your audience, they will not only return to your page over and over again but will most likely try out your hemp products as well.

CBD influencer marketing

CBD Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing involves your CBD products getting marketed by an influencer. Influencers have gained a lot of popularity, and are now considered the next big thing in the marketing sphere. This is because they have gained the trust of their audience already, and you’re just tapping into it.

The most important thing when choosing this type of marketing strategy is to choose an influencer that represents your brand’s message, and that their audience is the same type of audience you market to. It’s the only way your target markets will match.

And if you are wondering “who is the right target market for CBD?”

Reports show that:

  • Millennials, males, and those with four-year degrees are currently the key cannabis industry demographics.
  • Pain, mental health, and general wellness are key reasons for usage, with specific health ailments varying from generation to generation.
  • Millennials most commonly use CBD for anxiety (31%) and general wellness (30%),
  • GenX and Boomers use CBD products to help with joint pain (31% and 36%, respectively) and muscle pain (both 23%).

With all these being said, we hope that our post on marketing and advertising for CBD companies will help get you started. For more information or any questions you might have regarding the cannabidiol industry, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Are you just starting out and still looking for a reputable supplier? You can count on Opulent Organics to be your CBD wholesaler. With discounted prices, referral programs, and dedicated account reps, we’ll guide you on the path to success.

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