How To Pick The Best CBD Products To Sell

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In recent years, the world has seen a tremendous shift in how it perceives wellness and self-care, focusing on a powerful return to more natural ways of living based on organic products and value-oriented services. Among them, CBD has garnered recognition thanks to its benefits on the human mind and body. However, if you’ve decided to contribute to this wave of well-being by selling CBD products, you may feel confused about what the best CBD products could be for your business.

At Opulent Organics, we have a broad spectrum of CBD products, and it pays to find out more about each one of them. This way, you can make an informed decision for your business and choose the path that’s more suited to your business needs.

Your choice of products can make or break the game for your company while it’s looking to prosper and reach new heights.

The products you choose should also bring as much value as possible to your intended segment of clients, and some options are better suited for this than others. This is why it takes research and time to learn and figure out the best CBD products for your business to sell.

Pair health and wellness with some CBD beauty products, and you can potentially build a sound business, one that can bring tremendous value to the wellness industry. We will talk about this later, but before we get there, let’s take a closer look at what CBD is and what its benefits are.

What Does CBD Mean And What Does It Do?

The effects of the cannabis plant have come into the spotlight during these recent years, but few people know the ins and outs. The plant has been discovered to contain more than 70 different active ingredients, also known as herbal ‘cannabinoids.’

Two of these ingredients have started gaining more popularity both on and off-line: THC (Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol).

Although primarily very similar, these two cannabis substances, CBD and THC, have something that sets them apart. While THC gives users the already famous ‘high’ as an altered sense of being, CBD will not do that in any way.

This is a crucial aspect to know before refining your list of the best CBD products out there.

What Are The Benefits Of CBD?

CBD has gained relative popularity in recent years. Yet, not many of its benefits are widely acknowledged by the public. There is an entire string of benefits that CBD has both on the human mind and body, and we’re going to take a closer look at some of them:

Improving Sleep

Users have claimed that CBD assists in relaxing their mind, which ultimately leads to a better night’s sleep and, implicitly, higher-quality rest. In the long run, this also helps decrease burnout and unhappiness effects. This is one of the reasons why it pays to discover which the best CBD products are for your clients.

Quieting The Mind

CBD has also been known to quiet down inner noise, ease restlessness in thoughts, and bring more clarity.

While THC also has this effect, it has plenty of side effects that many might decide to turn away from. However, users have also stated that taking CBD helps calm down an overactive mind.

Relaxing The Muscles

CBD users also say that CBD oil products, in particular, effectively relax the muscles and bring relief to achy joints. This can be a tremendous support for those needing post-workout recovery or physical relief after intense physical effort, for instance. However, this said, the best CBD products can only return the best results.

These are the exact effects inspiring many to seek out the specific CBD product: gummy bears or capsules.

An Overview Of The Best CBD Products

1. CBD Oil Drops For Wellness

cbd oil drops for wellness

This product comes in the form of a tincture that can be used via the included dropper. Additionally, users can permanently refill this shaker and use it by placing drops under the tongue.

Our CBD Oil Drops for Wellness is specially created to help alleviate daily stressors and support quality sleep.

You have the option of choosing between three all-natural flavors: lemon, mint, and unflavored. You also get to select the quantity of American-made CBD in each bottle: 500 mg or 1000 mg of CBD.

Like all our other products, the tinctures have been tested with the independent labs we work with for potency, purity, and quality. We hope this information is comprehensive enough to help you establish which the best CBD products could be.

2. Gluten-Free CBD Gummies

cbd quality gummies

Our CBD gummies are fun and very easy to use. They’re all gluten-free, and they each contain 10 mg of American-made hemp extract.

CBD gummies are completely non-psychoactive, as they contain 0.0% THC. Just like our other products, they are independently lab tested for potency and purity.

When you get our Opulent Organics CBD gummies, you have three flavors to choose from: lemon, orange, and grape. Fortunately, they also do not contain any all-natural flavoring and coloring.

3. CBD Capsules For Wellness

cbd capsules for wellness

The CBD Capsules for wellness are created to help calm an overly active mind and alleviate daily stressors. One such capsule is meant to be taken with food anywhere between 1-4 times a day.

They are 100% gluten-free, and you can expect to benefit from 25 mg of American-made CBD per capsule. Each bottle comes with 30 capsules, and they have been, like all our other products, independently lab tested for purity, potency, and quality.

4. CBD Capsules For Muscles And Joints

cbd capsules for muscles and joints

Opulent Organics’ CBD Capsules for Muscles and Joints were designed to support wellness. They are meant to alleviate the discomfort one may feel following intense physical exercise and effort.

Each CBD capsule contains two powerful ingredients: 25 mg American-made organic CBD and 10 mg naturally sourced curcumin extract. When choosing the best CBD products for your business, it’s crucial that you also pay close attention to the ingredients on the label.

Our CBD capsules are tested non-psychoactive and contain 0.0% THC. They have all been verified with independent lab tests for potency, quality, and purity. One CBD capsule for muscle and joints can be taken up to four times a day with food.

5. CBD Capsules For Sleep

cbd capsules for sleep

Our CBD Capsules for Sleep have been formulated to assist your customers with relaxation and access to a night of deep sleep without having to worry about next-day haziness.

They are all crafted with American-made hemp extract and the natural hormone melatonin: 25 mg CBD and 1 mg melatonin per capsule.

The entire bottle has 30 capsules, and they’ve all been tested with independent labs for purity, quality, and potency. So, as you can guess, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to choose the best CBD products for your business since these are all top quality.

Our Opulent Organics CBD Capsules for Sleep are tested non-psychoactive, as they contain 0.0% THC. 1 or 2 capsules can be taken 30 minutes before bed for optimum results in gaining a better night’s sleep.

6. CBD Topical Salve For Muscle Relief And Skin Beauty

cbd topical salve

Another product we’ve lovingly created at Opulent Organics is the CBD Topical Salve for Muscle Relief. Manufactured using American-made CBD, this salve contains a blend of beeswax, eucalyptus, and lavender oils. Like with all our other products, the tinctures have been tested by independent labs for potency, purity, and quality.

Our CBD Topical Salve is meant to replenish and rejuvenate the skin while also relieving any aching muscles and joints. Designed to be a gentle CBD beauty product. A small amount can be applied to the skin and then thoroughly rubbed in as many times as needed throughout the day for best results.

7. CBD For Energy And Focus Packets

cbd drink mix

Our energizing CBD powder called CBD for Energy and Focus Packets has been created especially to offer you focus, recovery, and energy all in one drink. The powder needs to be mixed with 12-24 oz of water, stirred up, and used anytime there’s a need for an energy boost.

Users can expect the packet formula: 15 mg CBD and 90 mg caffeine per serving and a lack of jittery effect. In the box, there are a total of nine servings. This powder is made explicitly with hemp oil, among other ingredients.

The powder is completely non-psychoactive and has been tested by third-party labs for 0.0% THC. It’s all about quality and effects when choosing the best CBD products for your business.

A Final Word On The Best CBD Products For Your Business

All of our products contain organic CBD and have been verified with independent lab tests. High-quality has always been our principal focus, and we’d like for you to also benefit from our achievements.

Developing a line of CBD products may not be accessible initially, but knowing which are the best CBD ones for your business will set you on the right path. In choosing them, you need to consider your budget, the target audience, and how suitable these products are for them. Look at their likes and needs and do your best to accommodate them.

Distinguishing yourself from other CBD retailers out there does not only entail pricing. On the contrary, the best approach to this would also be the impeccable quality of the products you offer — and for this, we vouch entirely.

You may even add a line of CBD beauty products to your business if well combined with marketing and branding. Then, you’re bound to see your business quickly soar.

Get in touch with us if you’d like any additional information on any of our products or if you’d simply want to know more about picking the best CBD products to sell for your business. We run wholesaler CBD programs across the United States, including New York, Maine, Illinois, Alabama, Texas, Michigan, and many more.

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