Starting Your CBD Business: How To Sell CBD Oil From Home

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The CBD Oil Boom And How To Sell These Products Online

Are you thinking about starting a CBD oil business?

Would you like to learn more about how to sell CBD oil online?

We got you covered! This post was written just for you.

No matter how long you’ve been an entrepreneur (first-timer to a seasoned veteran), starting your own e-commerce store selling CBD oil can be extremely rewarding. Nowadays, more and more people, no matter their background or economic status, are turning towards CBD oil products in search of mental clarity, focus, and energy.

With CBD being such a hot commodity, the cannabis industry is booming.

This means plenty of room for new businesses -- perhaps yours.

But meeting the growing demand from health-conscious consumers might pose a few challenges for those looking to start a CBD retail business.

Although the market is promising for eager entrepreneurs wanting a piece of the pie, making a name for yourself in the hemp industry field hinges on a few factors:

How To Sell CBD Oil Online And Surpass Your Competition

Knowing how to sell CBD oil successfully depends on a proper understanding of the challenges that the cannabinoid market might pose.

Here are three we’ve discovered first-hand:

  • The competition is fierce
  • The cannabinoid market is still waiting for clear FDA regulations.
  • Buyers are more demanding than ever; they demand high product quality, purity, and potency.

A common area of concern for many entrepreneurs is to avoid starting a CBD business because they might lose money and time.

...this rings true for any new business venture and investment opportunity.

For all those who don’t want to risk investing too much capital, starting an online CBD business might be the best choice. It is little or no startup cash needed, and it’s a relatively low-cost business to run.

That’s, of course, if you do it the right way.

If you want to know how to sell CBD oil products successfully, and make a name for yourself in one of the most sought after industries, make sure to follow these four steps:

1. Set Up Your CBD Oil Online Store

The first step in learning how to sell your CBD oil online is to have a website, a shopping cart, and a payment processing system. Since many of us are not tech-savvy, allowing a professional company or individual to build the website can be a simple solution.

You may also sell CBD/Hemp through sites like Amazon or eBay if you don’t want to spend money on building a new website.


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2. Research The Market To Identify The Best Suppliers

One of the most important things you have to consider when learning how to sell CBD oil is finding the right supplier.

The greatest thing about becoming a CBD seller is that you don’t have to produce your cannabidiol products. Manufacturing your product involves a lot of time, money, and risk, especially for beginners. Instead of stressing with hemp seed quality and plant cultivation, you’ll leverage others’ work and expertise. Of course, this means finding a CBD oil distributor with an impeccable reputation and market expertise.

Whether you live inside or outside the United States, you can find all the information you need about CBD oil business and distributors by doing a simple Google search.

Make sure you are careful when choosing a partner, and pay extra attention to reviews, customer satisfaction, and general word of mouth.

The right supplier will be transparent about its third lab testing and will have an excellent selection of CBD wholesale products including CBD oil drops, edibles, tinctures, beverages, cosmetics, and even pet food.

3. Follow The Rules And Regulations For Selling CBD Products

Many people wonder…do you need a license to sell CBD?

The short answer is yes and no.

You don’t need a special license or certification to sell CBD oil.

However, you will need a resale license.

FDA regulations might pose some challenges.

Till further regulatory clarity, if you want to stay on the safe side, stick to CBD sourced from industrial hemp plants and with the lowest THC percent possible < .3%.

Since each state answers to different federal laws regarding the selling and consumption of CBD products, you should always check local laws to make sure you are always in legality.

4. Market and promote your store to increase sales

Content is king when it comes to selling anything on the internet, including CBD oil.

If you’re wondering how to sell CBD oil by writing the right content, keep in mind that a high ranking in the Google search results is a key to success in online business. If you want to drive traffic and make sales, you will need to promote your store aggressively.

You can promote the health benefits of CBD oil, utilizing SEO, Social Media, Facebook, Google Ads, or writing a blog.

Social media is enormous, and if you want to take your CBD business to the next level, you need to join multiple social platforms. Recent studies have identified social media as one of the best marketing channels for generating solid ROI.

If you want to learn more about how to sell CBD oil and are thinking of starting a private label CBD company, or interested in checking out our CBD wholesale products, fill out a quick application. We’ll get you set up for success.

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