White Label vs. Private Label CBD Products: The Difference Explained

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If you've been wondering about the difference between white label CBD vs. private label products, then we have you covered.

During these past few years, cannabis has taken the world by storm, creating a hype culture that is hard to ignore. More and more people have started to use cannabis and explore its many benefits to the human body and mind.

The beneficial effects of cannabis have caused the industry to boom, accommodating an increasing demand for products and services to satisfy the public’s needs. However, the lesser-known reason for this surge lies in the fascinating composition of cannabis, which can ultimately be broken down into more components.

Among them, there is also CBD, which has, in recent years, taken front stage among those supporting the wellness industry.

In fact, there are more CBD-related terms gaining popularity nowadays than ever. So when it comes to private label and white label CBD, what does each one mean anyway?

Private Label vs. White Label CBD

The CBD industry is currently a living, breathing organism on its own, rapidly generating a wide range of CBD products. And, with the market expanding rapidly, it can be a good source of revenue for adventurous entrepreneurs.

In other words, going into wholesale CBD is a business angle that people have started considering.

However, there are two ways of doing this: you can either open your line of private label CBD products or start a white label CBD line.

Having said this, today we'll shine a light on CBD, but, most importantly, we'll show you how you can earn a fair share of the market while learning the difference between private label vs. white label CBD. This will enable you to make an informed decision and choose the wholesale selling option that best fits your company.

Let’s pull back the curtain on CBD, see what it has to offer and what kind of labeling system you can choose to reach your desired customers on the market. But before we go into this, here’s a quick overview of the fundamental active ingredients in cannabis.

What Do You Need To Know About CBD?

Cannabis may be taking the limelight these days, but very few people know that it’s made up of 70 different natural active ingredients, which scientists call ‘cannabinoids.’

Out of all these different active ingredients, two are now more prominent and well known than ever. You probably already know them too — we’re talking about THC and CBD.

THC is also known as tetrahydrocannabinol and CBD as cannabidiol. With this in mind, it’s our aim to focus on CBD and its effects during this article since this cannabis-active ingredient offers a full spectrum of benefits everyone should know about.

Later on, we can distinguish between types of labels and talk about the wholesale CBD program that best suits your business needs. There’s white label CBD, and there’s private label CBD. But which one are you going with?

How Can You Use CBD?

As we’ve said before, the CBD market is growing and expanding, which also means there are now plenty of ways in which people can use CBD. Perhaps the most common and efficient way is CBD oil, which is very accessible to users. Plus, its affordability increases demand while also offering attractive wholesale opportunities.

It’s important to remember, though, that CBD can also be used in a broad spectrum of other forms, bringing to the table just as many benefits as the oil version. Know you can also enjoy quality CBD when you:

  • Swallow CBD capsules
  • Chew on CBD gummies
  • Smoke CBD hemp flower
  • Enjoy CBD tinctures and sprays
  • Apply topical salves

Thankfully, for companies looking to make their way on the CBD market, both white label CBD and private label CBD products can cover this wide range of possibilities.

What Are The Benefits Of CBD Products?

There’s a reason why the CBD industry is booming, and this is because organically grown CBD can be highly beneficial to both the human mind and body. We can’t talk about CBD products and going into wholesale programs without reviewing the benefits of CBD.

Relaxes The Muscles

CBD oil products are all you need when you’re looking to relax your muscles since they contain two important anti-inflammatory components that make all the difference: beta-myrcene and delta-limonene.

While the first can be found in lemongrass and basil, the second one can be found in citrus products. This muscle-relaxing effect is a first-hand experience lived by many CBD users out there who attest to this substance’s powerful benefits. Regardless if you choose to go with private label vs. white label CBD, your customers will still have the same amazing benefits.

Quiets The Mind

Perhaps one of the most widely appreciated effects that CBD products have on the human mind is the calming effect. This means that using CBD will help quiet the mind. As you can see, there’s a wide range of positive effects from a neurological standpoint.

This effect is, in fact, similar to what CBD’s sister-substance, THC, also offers. The beauty of CBD, however, is that you can easily use it without needing to worry about getting the ‘high’ effect as well, so it does not in any way distort cognitive functions.

By choosing either to white label CBD products or private label CBD products, you still get to have a positive impact on people’s lives.

Improves Sleep

It has been shown numerous times that in small doses, high-quality CBD has an arousal effect, stimulating the human body and mind. However, the opposite is also true — a higher dose will have a sedative effect, which is quite conducive to a good night’s rest.

Add to this the fact that CBD also tends to calm nerves and ease soreness in the body, and you have yourself a pretty potent aid in your sleep improvement process.

What Is The Difference Between White Label And Private Label CBD?

Now that we’ve gone through the basics of CBD and its uses, let’s look at the labeling process, and what it means for your company. Manufacturers looking to develop a CBD private label line should be aware that this is no easy feat. And it’s certainly not for everyone.

As we’ve said before, there are two types of labels you can choose from when deciding to sell CBD products: the private label and the white label option. But, what’s the difference between private label vs. white label?

Developing a CBD Private Label Line

Opening a private label of CBD products is a higher-risk endeavor meant for entrepreneurs keen to invest their time and resources into designing and creating their own line of CBD products. To create your own line of CBD, you need to source the ingredients, manufacture them, test the products, design the packaging, and much more.

Developing a White Label CBD Brand

On the other hand, there’s white labeling, a process that enables you to avoid making all these efforts by yourself. Instead, you have the opportunity to put your own brand on CBD products that have been manufactured by a different company, giving you access to a wide range of services you couldn’t otherwise easily fulfill. This is what white label CBD is all about.

In other words, when you partner with another company this way, there’s no need for ingredient sourcing, manufacturing, product testing, and even packaging designing — it’s all taken care of by the company you will purchase the CBD products from.

What You Need To Know About Our Wholesale CBD Program

researching about private label vs. white label

At Opulent Organics, we understand that the CBD products market is always evolving and growing to accommodate even more brands than before. We also know that CBD has a bright future ahead of it! It’s our personal mission to support it by offering you the possibility to join our CBD wholesale programs currently operating in over ten locations across the United States, including North Carolina, Louisiana, Florida, Kentucky, and more!

Each partnering company needs to have the same vision of the future to work together and create an even stronger foundation for generations to come. When you partner with our team in the wholesale program, you’ll benefit from the following:

Variety Of Products

We offer a wide variety of products to suit all tastes and needs: CBD Capsules, CBD Energy Drink, CBD Oil Drops, CBD Topical Salve, and CBD Gummies.

Perfectly Finished Packaging

All our products come with labels that are easy to read, which, in turn, makes it easy to follow the instructions

Discounted Prices

Partnering with us on our wholesale program means that you also get discounted prices. A minimum order will get you 45% off, while more than that can increase the available discount. As a bonus, as soon as you achieve a $15k+ quarterly purchase, your discounts will be even greater than before

Quality Certified By Third-Party Labs

All our products are certified organic CBD products that have been tested by third-party labs. The fact that they’ve been certified ensures that each and every one of them is safe, potent, and consistent.

Pure Hemp

Our products are 100% non-psychoactive, and their premium purity can also be attested by the certificate of analysis we offer.

Business Support

We strongly believe in the future of CBD, so we also provide you with a service outlined to support you in growing your share of the market. We’ll design custom plans for your company, and share our CBD-related knowledge with you, so you can thrive as beautifully as you can.

So, which is best for you? White label CBD, or private label CBD? That’s for you to decide. Either way, we’ll have your back with the best support.

Opening Your Own Line Of Private Label CBD Products

If you feel like you want to weather the storms and achieve even higher satisfaction, then opening your own line of private label CBD products may be the perfect choice for you. We’ve also got you covered in this department, and we’re offering you:
  • The same broad range of highest quality CBD products you can freely choose from
  • Free assistance with promotion, branding, design, and more
  • Personalized customer service support
  • Private label prices for our CBD products
  • Finest design and printing options straight from the Opulent team

There is no special request to become a private label partner. Instead, all you need to do is to apply with us to become one and arrange a pre-qualifying call with a specialist. Once you’ve done this, you’ll need to fill out the design form or provide your own art, only to finish the process by shopping online for everything you’ve had your eyes on.

Do you think this is the best option for you, or are you perhaps more inclined towards white label CBD? Just get in touch, and we will help you decide.

In Conclusion

In the end, the CBD market has become potent enough to gain even more sellers, so as to satisfy the increasing demand. Thankfully there are many ways in which you can leave a mark on the market and build your own loyal customer base.

It’s ultimately up to you to draw the winner between private label vs. white label CBD and choose the one that best suits your company’s needs and vision.

Whatever your choice maybe, we’ll be there to answer your questions, share our CBD knowledge and support you the best we can on your new and, hopefully, fulfilling journey.

For more information on white label CBD, joining our wholesale CBD program, or opening your own line of private label CBD products, don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly on our website.

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